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Taylors Halt Quarry supplies quality stone aggregate for building, construction and road development. The quarry is located in Taylors Halt, Pietermaritzburg. 

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Portion 14 Zwaart Kop Location

Tel: 033 940 1828

Contact: Mr Hennie Cronje (Quarry Manager)

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Quality is Key


Taylors Halt Quarry uses internal and external laboratories to ensure that a high quality stone is produced.


9.5mm Concrete stone

Product Description

An aggregate in concrete.



  • Used as a concrete mix for making products such as concrete, walls, decorative products such as cobble and paving stones and can be laid in pathways.

  • Used by brick and block manufacturers.

  • Used in the asphalt industry.

13.2mm Concrete stone

Product Description

An aggregate in concrete.


  • It is ideal for smaller builders where mixing concrete by hand, or with small concrete mixers

  • Used in the concrete industry for the production of concrete roads, curbing and housing lintels

19mm Concrete Stone


Product Description

The most popular aggregate used in concrete.


  • It is favoured by most ready-mix plants, civil engineers, building contractors, asphalt industry and anyone making concrete by hand or with a concrete mixer.

  • It is also used as a filter stone for road construction projects.

Gabion Stone


Product Description

This is a very large crushed rock with a top size of about 300mm down to 100mm.


  • Used in road construction in stream crossings.

  • It is packed in steel wire baskets (Gabion baskets) to retain high walls along roads.

  • It is used to build walls (garden walls).

  • It can be used to prevent erosion.

Builders Blend

Product Description

This product is a blend of crusher dust, 9.5mm stone, 13.2mm stone and 19mm stone. It will produce concrete without the addition of river sand.


  • It can be used for most concrete applications by all users.

  • It can be mixed by hand or by a concrete mixer.



Product Description

This is a crushed aggregate with a top size of 37.5mm down to dust.


  • It is mostly used in road construction. After it is compacted this is the top product onto which asphalt or road surfacing stone is used.

  • It is used for parking areas and driveways. and has a long lifespan if sealed correctly.

  • Used as a foundation for buildings (homes, sheds, outbuildings, garages).




Product Description

It is a crushed product with a top size of 53mm down to fine dust.


  • It is a specific product used below the G2 layer in the road construction industry.

  • Used as a base or fill material in building construction.

  • It can also be used for repairing farm or gravel roads.


Product Description

This is a low grade crushed product with a top size of 65mm down to dust.


  • Used as the bottom layer in road construction.

  • Used as a fill material or a lower base for large structures.

Quarry Dust


Product Description


  • This dust is used in the manufacturing of concrete products such as blocks, bricks and pavers.

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Compliments and Complaints

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